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In that case, a person who cannot see images wouldn't have any idea when it was forecast to be sunny or storming.

However, if all the images had alt text, a person who cannot see would get the same information as someone who can see.

People who cannot see images can get the information contained in the images when web developers include alternative text equivalents for images.

An alternative text equivalent provides the same functional information in text as the image provides visually.

Web accessibility also provides financial and technical benefits to organizations, as described in the “Additional Benefits from a Business Perspective” section later in this chapter.

There are many more examples of how web accessibility benefits people with and without disabilities throughout this chapter.

Many websites today use images for navigation, where missing alt text makes the site totally unusable.

Note that providing alt text improves accessibility without changing the visual appearance of the website.

Here are just a few examples of disabilities that affect web use and some real people with those disabilities: While access to people with disabilities is the primary focus of web accessibility, it also benefits people without disabilities.However, this possibility is not reality throughout the Web.The problem is that most websites have accessibility barriers that make it difficult or impossible for many people with disabilities to use them.These examples are missing alt text for only one image.Imagine if all the images were missing alt text (which is, unfortunately, quite common).

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