Adult nairobi dating

The Mercury Irish Pub at the Junction Mall on Ngong road is a great spot as well with delicious steaks, plenty of cocktails and beers.It is convenient since you have access other amenities and shops at the mall.

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Here are 10 of the best nightlife spots in Nairobi: Brew Bistro is located on Piedmont Plaza along Ngong Road and it is one of the coolest nightlife spots in Nairobi.

There is also Klub House 2 (K2) along Baricho Road, Industrial area that is pretty cool spot to rave as well.

Visit: Choices Pub is located in Industrial Area along Baricho road and it is especially funky for the mature types.

Drinks and snacks are in plenty and prices are reasonable.

Visit: Bacchus is located on Woodvale Grove right next to Havana.

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