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In fact he became the first and only player to win all nine major titles in the badminton world.

With increasing coverage badminton can look forward to a bright future!

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History of Badminton Badminton came be traced back over 2000 years ago to games the ancient Greeks played.

The modern game of badminton began in 1870 when guests at Duke of Beaufort’s Badminton House in Gloucestershire played it at a lawn party.

Badminton developed from a children’s game known as battledore and shuttlecock in which players batted a cork filled with feathers back and forth in the air using paddles, the idea being to keep it in the air the longest period of time possible.

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If the receiving side doesn't return the shuttlecock the serving side gets a point and serves again.

The game ends when one side gets 15 points except for women’s singles which ends when one side gets 11 points.

Interest in this sport aroused across all media channels.

In order to facilitate the coverage, Badminton World Federation announced the official badminton live streaming and video on demand channel.

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