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Rare PEZ include the donkey-head model made for President Kennedy, the “Make Face” akin to Mr.

Potato Head with interchangeable parts, and a Mary Poppins.

Whether it’s by a talent who had an off day or a beginning painter with crude strokes, each piece has to have a special quality to meet the standard of “too bad to be ignored.”“The Banana Museum puts a smile on peoples’ faces every time,” says founder Ken Bannister.

Since the early ’70s, he’s gone bananas for the tropical fruit, amassing more than 18,000 items of bananabilia, from a banana-shaped putter to a seven-foot-tall banana popular for photo ops.

But at Devil’s Rope, visitors are welcomed in to learn about one of the most useful inventions for the pioneering American landowner.

Housed in a former bra factory just off historic Route 66, the museum’s exhibits include patent information (there are more than 450 on the books), collections from private wire collectors, and warfare wire.

It’s just one of the odd collections found across America.

Barbed wire has been used to keep people out since the mid-1880s.

It’s also the place to brush up on the history of embalming.

Housed in the former Chief Theater, the Hobo Museum celebrates the vagabond lifestyle, which happens to have a stringent code of ethics.

Fast-forward about 30 years, and she’s accumulated 80,000 shakers and mills.

Half are in this museum near Great Smoky Mountains National Park; the others occupy a new, sister museum in Guadalest, Spain.

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