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Gradually the form of the vessel evolved to reflect its primary function as a carrier of wine and for ease of packing.

The base foot became a spike and the vessel overall became taller and slimmer.

The two basic types of amphora were the neck-amphora, which has the shoulder joining the neck at a sharp angle, and the belly amphora (or simply amphora) which curves continuously from neck to foot.

Those vessels with broad mouths were known as either .

Finally, the discovery of amphorae whose origin can be identified and their quantities are helpful in determining the extent of trade in the ancient world. in Greek philosophy and his special interests include ceramics, the ancient Americas, and world mythology.

Specific places, already noted for their pottery production, such as Corinth and Attica, along with famed wine-producing islands like Chios, Lesbos, and Samos all produced distinctive amphora types.

Stamps were also a means by which authorities could exercise a control on customs duties. In addition to stamps, the Romans painted information labels on their vessels to make their contents easily identifiable.

All of this information has often been invaluable for archaeologists when attempting to date a site which contains amphorae, especially shipwrecks.

In addition, during the Roman period the contents of amphorae became easily identifiable from the shape of the vessel in question, a useful feature when stored in busy ports.

Decorativeith a pointed base would have been kept upright in a bronze stand or deep ceramic ring.

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