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Immunology and Uveitis Service, Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary, Boston, Massachusetts 02114, USA.

Clinical characteristics, therapy, and outcomes of uveitis were compared with 30 randomly selected patients with either idiopathic anterior uveitis or with HLA-B27-associated anterior uveitis.

The problem was that everything along the way wasn't worth a tinker's cuss. I am suggesting that Newton's God saw the need to keep tinkering with the universe whenever he found it necessary.

Nothing like making it up as you go along in order to get something like the outcome you want. As far as I know his god was the continual motivating force of momentum, the continual pull of gravity, and the persistent energy that kept things moving along - at least when he was young and still into science!

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I think many of you have encountered this in your schooling, but in case not, it is an pithy photo-historical document pertinent to some of our recent café chatter.

This suggests that God had some goals in sight, but he needed to keep working on it from time to time.

So he intervened as the universe evolved into whatever he had in mind.

Patients with psoriasis and uveitis who were HLA-B27 required oral NSAIDs (95% CI 1.51 to 9.79, P = .001) for anterior uveitis more often than did HLA-B27- psoriatic patients.RESULTS: The mean age at presentation for uveitis was significantly higher in patients with psoriasis compared with nonpsoriatic groups (44.6 years in HLA-B27-psoriatic patients vs 35.9 years in HLA-B27- nonpsoriatic patients, P = .034; 52.7 years in HLA-B27 psoriatic vs 35.7 years in HLA-B27 nonpsoriatic patients, P = .001).Uveitis in patients with psoriasis also tended to be bilateral (62%) and prolonged (11.2 weeks).Start off with a reptilian brain and with piecemeal engineering you can end up with a conscious being. Newton's idea was faulty when compared with the conception of a perfect God. An omnipotent being has to know from the beginning of time how things are going to turn out, who, and why, and which of us is going to die a sinner and burn in hell. He lived a long and wasteful life spending most of his time on alchemy, and theology.The problem was that everything along the way wasn't worth a tinker's cuss.

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