Artist dating non artist

The artist has always been a sex symbol of sorts — but of late, it’s become so mythologized as to have reached new, ridiculous heights.From Picasso’s long string of affairs with women to Lucien Freud’s multitude of mistresses to Julian Schnabel’s ability to date (and knock up) megababes, they just seem to have something.And stereotypically, sex and drugs have been sedatives for that intensity.But that oscillation can make for a charged romantic relationship.Hollywood gives the impression that celebrities are above dating anyone other than, well, other celebs.That unattainability is part of what drives us so crazy about them in the first place.Along with being in Richard Prince’s recent Instagram show at Gagosian, I was — in 2008 — part of Prince’s installation at London’s Frieze Art Fair.

It felt special to know that I was the first person to hear the new songs he was writing and to read over his lyrics.If the artist is bad, then it all just becomes very cringe-y.Have you ever dated a poet before reading his poems? But there are two very primary, elemental reasons why, I think, an artist is an attractive bedfellow for us citizens—us non-artists. I haven’t dated an artist in the purist, "fine art" sense. I can recall one Miami Basel in particular when I really thought I was making headway with a certain bad-boy painter, only to be quickly swept aside in favor of an eager Victoria’s Secret model.) I have, however, dated musicians, filmmakers, photographers, and writers — that is to say, people who create personal work for public consumption, all of whom inevitably share similar traits and sensibilities.Kanye mentioned that he felt particularly self-aware of the artist’s tendency to oscillate between periods of inflated ego and periods of self-loathing.It’s an intense life — there’s the pain of creation, padded by periods of downtime where one feels compelled to escape reality.

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