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(b) These regulations are not meant to provide the exclusive definition of all unfair claims settlement practices.Other methods, act(s), or practices not specifically delineated in this set of regulations may also be unfair claims settlement practices and subject to California Insurance Code Section 790.03(h) and/or California Insurance Code Section 790.06.(d) "Claims agent" means any person employed or authorized by an insurer, to conduct an investigation of a claim on behalf of an insurer or a person who is licensed by the Commissioner to conduct investigations of claims on behalf of an insurer.The term "claims agent", however, shall not include the following: 1) an attorney retained by an insurer to defend a claim brought against an insured; or, 2) persons hired by an insurer solely to provide valuation as to the subject matter of a claim.

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(c) In recognition of both the unique relationship which exists under a surety bond between the surety, the obligee or beneficiary, and the principal, and the fact that the processing of surety claims is subject to the Unfair Practices Act, beginning with California Insurance Code Section 790, only sections 2695.1 through 2695.6, inclusive, section 2695.10, and sections 2695.12, 2695..14, inclusive, shall apply to the handling or settlement of claims brought under surety bonds.

Scientists - including at Microsoft – are already working on a nano-computer made from DNA that lives inside cells and look for faults in the bodily networks like cancer (just like the antivirus software on your computer) and if it spots cancerous chances it would reboot the system and clear out the diseased cells.

However, critics including Mc Namara himself, have warned that the rise of AI could bring "huge disruption" to those working in the retail and service sectors (which includes healthcare) and spark widespread unemployment.

(d) These regulations apply to home protection contracts and home protection companies defined in California Insurance Code Section 12740.

(e) All licensees, as defined in these regulations, shall have thorough knowledge of the regulations contained in this subchapter.

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