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This was the first initiation of a new member and a lot of planning had gone into making the event a memorable one.Rosie, Kim's mother, had been there all afternoon helping Connie with the refreshments.Any applicants having second thoughts would be allowed to back out, even during the initiation ceremony.They recognized, however, that much of the allure of bondage and discipline depended upon the dominant member imposing his will upon the submissive one and the submissive being helpless to control the situation.Thus, if a member went to the authorities, they would be placing themselves in jeopardy along with the rest of the membership. Pain, humiliation, and degradation were an integral part of what they did and it was imperative that the submissive member actually wanted this to happen to them.This would, for instance, keep a husband from making his wife become a member against her will.Since Angela was going to be entering as a submissive member, they decided to concentrate on that and discuss the induction of dominant members later. She was not only the first new member to be accepted, but she was also a minor.At seventeen, she was a year older than Kim, but still too young to be considered an adult by the courts.

If Angela had said she was sleeping over at Kim's house, her parents may have called or come by for some reason and that wouldn't have been good.There had been no need for rules when it was just the two families involved, but now that they were expanding, it was decided that it would be best for all concerned if certain things were put down on paper. There had been several conversations about most of these things over the last several weeks, so today's task consisted primarily of just writing them down and organizing them properly.The group chose The Neighborhood Sex and Torture Club as the name.Satisfied that they had addressed most of the important issues, the talk turned to the initiation ceremony.Of course, it had to be different depending upon whether the inductee was dominant or submissive.

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