Boston founder dating

Rosie O'Donnell made a big announcement on Monday, revealing on The Howard Stern Show that she has a new, younger woman in her life.'I am in love.It’s the first time I’ve dated someone younger than me and it’s a very trippy thing,' said Rosie.The mother-of-five admitted that she at first resisted the idea of dating but eventually gave in, a decision that worked out well given how happy she sounded while speaking about 'Rooney.'Rosie revealed her name while answering questions on her personal website, saying she calls her new girlfriend 'Roon' after she began posting photos of the Boston beauty on her social media accounts.Things are moving fast for the lovebirds, with the two quickly saying those big three words to one another according to Rosie.'We’re lesbians. Later in the interview she made it clear however that marriage was no longer in the cards for her moving forward, acknowledging that this decision was a result of her relationship with second wife Michelle Rounds.'I will not ever,' said Rosie when asked about marriage.The point of the partnership, officials said, is to address the housing needs of the Greater Boston area, focusing specifically on housing production, diversity, cost, design and increasing stability in the lives of residents.“Affordable housing is one of our top priorities in Boston -- and we know that for Metro Boston to be affordable for all residents, we need to work together with cities and towns throughout the region,” Walsh said in a statement.“This plan is another step forward towards ensuring all those who wish to live here can, and I look forward to working with our partner cities and towns across the region to continue creating homes for all.” Walsh has previously addressed the issue of housing in the city’s Imagine Boston 2030 plan.

The pair's whirlwind romance started in the summer of 2011, when Rosie approached the corporate headhunter in a Starbucks because she thought Rounds' puppy was cute.Officials want to create a variety of housing options, from rentals to owned, and suitable for families.They will focus on ensuring new housing is near transit and in walkable areas.O'Donnell also has four older children: sons Blake and Parker and daughters Chelsea and Vivienne.Chelsea, whose other adopted mother is O'Donnell's former wife Kelli Carpenter, ran away from home at 17 to move in with an heroin addict and his family.

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