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Even were it the absolute slightest measure of time, Bryce Dejean-Jones had an opportunity to turn around. “He was a good guy,” recalls a teammate who requested anonymity, “who should not have been drinking.”In the early morning hours of May 28, 2016, Dejean-Jones—fueled by alcohol, as well as marijuana, according to the toxicology report submitted by the coroner—found himself in a hallway at the Camden Belmont apartment complex in the Knox-Henderson neighborhood in Dallas.

Wasn’t that exactly what Alvin Gentry, his coach with the New Orleans Pelicans, had told the 6’6” rookie shooting guard just a few weeks earlier? What with his goofy laugh, what with his devotion to signing autographs, what with his cravings for Chipotle burritos and pineapple-topped pizza, what with his talent for chess and his obsession with Xbox.“He was a really good kid,” says Justin Hawkins, his teammate in high school and then at UNLV. On the basketball court, it revealed itself when Dejean-Jones felt his teammates weren’t hustling, or a play wasn’t designed correctly, or his unit wasn’t living up to its potential, or a practice felt disheveled.

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He was one hell of a guy and so are you @Real Ron Howard. #Rance Howard #Rest In Peace Jf Lnj — Leonard Maltin (@leonardmaltin) November 25, 2017 Today we lost one of the greats: #Rance Howard, who I was proud to call a personal friend.

Other film credits include Chinatown and the 2013 drama Nebraska.

On television, he appeared on many series including Seinfeld; Murder, She Wrote; NCIS: Los Angeles; Grey's Anatomy; and Ron Howard's starring series, Happy Days.

Associated Press Television Writer Frazier Moore in New York contributed to this article.

It might have been a second, or a millisecond, or a milli of a millisecond. He would stomp his feet and clench his fists and fire off expletives with a machine-gun intensity: Off the basketball court, this rage showed itself when Bryce Dejean-Jones drank. But during his half-decade college basketball career—first at Southern Cal, then at UNLV, then a final season at Iowa State—Dejean-Jones was involved in a handful of altercations, unreported until now, some of which also involved alcohol.

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