Cam4my christopher lee craigslist dating scandal

Do not access any old accounts nor create any new accounts as they will not be approved and you will be banned when we find you.

Kim Cam4 Cam4 support Response : From: Cam4 Support To: Sent: Saturday, January 28, 2012 PM Subject: RE: My account please read There is no money owed you because in fact you received several hundred dollars in fraudulent tips and when they were removed that left you in the negative.

All the fraudulent tokens were removed and credited back to the rightful owners of the cards involved.

I am not responding anymore to any other emails as this I consider the matter closed.

It's odd that all account was closed for the same reason because I don't think that the same tipper tipped all of us.

Even so they should charge-back the money that he/she tipped us because we had no way of knowing that this tipper payed with stollen cards.

If a tipper used a stolen card for buying tips the should close his/her account not mine and carcge-back the amount he/she spent but not close my account. How am i supposed to know when a tipper bought tips with a stolen card? My job is to do the show as i agreed with the tipper for some x number of tokens, thing that I did.

The fact that you and only two other people received all the tokens this person bought clearly indicates some involvement.

We are within our rights to remove anyone we believe is involved in fraud - we believe you to be involved therefore you are removed.

I am a college student yes I know I have horrible spelling sorry.

Just trying to make my way through life and that 400 dollars that I WORKED EVERY DOLLAR FOR!

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