Chloe green dating ollie and spencer Mzansi girls chat

He then served two years in jail for gang activity and a firearms offence before being freed in 2016 with a modelling contract already in place.

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A friend said: “She has told us she’s getting a tattoo saying ‘Can’t Stop Won’t Stop’ around her bikini line, in honour of her new man.

In 2002, he spent two years in prison for beating a 16-year-old boy “to a pulp”.

He spent more time in jail in 2005 on charges including theft and identity theft after being caught stealing from a sports store and claiming to be his brother Emery.

“Chloe first started getting close to Jeremy during Milan Fashion Week in March and was seen posing for pictures on her friend’s Instagram with him at every opportunity.

“It was clear she was chasing him and ­making it as public as possible.

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