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In 2005 a law established guidelines for energy policy and security.The role of nuclear power was central to this, along with specific decisions concerning the European Pressurised Water Reactor (EPR), notably to build an initial unit so as to be able to decide by 2015 on building a series of about 40 of them.

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The head of the Atomic Energy Commission (CEA), the secretary general of national defence and the military chief of staff are on the council.The industrial group Uniden said that the proposed 2015 wholesale price of €44/MWh would be €14 higher than Germany’s.French retail prices, without major effects from feed-in tariffs for wind and solar, remain very low.In 2015 electricity production was 568 TWh (gross), and of this nuclear provided 437 TWh, hydro 59 TWh, coal and gas 32 TWh, and solar and wind 29 TWh.After net exports of 64 TWh, total electricity consumption came to 422 TWh, about 6,300 k Wh per capita on average. Over the last decade France has exported up to 70 TWh net each year and Electricité de France (Ed F) expects net exports to continue at 55-70 TWh/yr.

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