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PHOTOS: ' The Originals' Bloody Character Posters Debut In a chat with previewing the fall finale, executive producer Caroline Dries discusses Elena's sticky situation, Damon and Elena's shaky future and pairing up Katherine and Stefan.

What is the overarching theme for the fifth season that has helped shape the arcs?

But the actor seemed to make a slight dig at his former flame by posting a somewhat vague message on his Twitter page on Thursday, writing: 'A THOUGHT FOR TODAY: People change and forget to tell each other.

-inspired Civil War hallucinations), and a lot has happened in that time in regards to who is dating, who’s hooking up, and who’s about to break up.

That’s obviously going to give us more stories but it’s also going to enlighten us into Enzo’s back story a little bit, finally, besides how he turned into a vampire. That will help bring him closer to Bonnie.” Damon and Bonnie These BFFs don’t share much screen time during this episode.

Even though Bonnie knows Damon almost killing her wasn’t his fault (he was just leaving his own personal hell and didn’t know it was real, obviously), that doesn’t mean she’s all too keen on spending time with him right now. When oh when is poor Matt Donovan ever going to get some romance?

Turns out Julian’s been invited more than a few friends to move to town, and they’re not so concerned with keeping it family-friendly. Stefan and Caroline While tonight’s episode features a real Steroline date (at a fancy restaurant, no less! Between Caroline carrying Alaric’s babies and Valerie always hanging around, there’s more than a few obstacles in their way.

Enzo’s new universe is going to broaden the scope of the show towards the second half of the season.

That’s all I’ll say.” And the baby shower leads to a very questionable scene between Caroline and Alaric. Tweet me @Sydney Bucksbaum and I’ll answer your questions!

Are we about to witness how they ended up together in the flash-forwards?

“Caroline’s getting more and more pregnant so those babies have to come out at some point,” Dries says. One of my favorite scenes is coming up in [this] episode, directed by Paul Wesley.

It involves three men, three babies, and blindfolds.

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