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Could arise in a gay/bisexual situation, or could be non-sexual in nature.

The non-sexual setup might be something like a boy (A) wants to please his dear old Mum (B) and wants to do naked things with his girl (C).

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This is the smallest situation directly involving at least three characters where All Love Is Unrequited.For example, Alice is a widow or divorcee starting a new romance against the wishes of her children.Bob (her son) and Charlie (her new man) are all too aware of each other in this case, but do not have a friendly relationship.It can involve as many people as you like, turning it into a square, pentagon or more, but ultimately the love remains unrequited. Alice wants Bob, who is already in a relationship with Claire. Alice might try persuading Bob to give up on Claire.Bob is unaware/neutral (leaving Alice as a Hopeless Suitor), or is aware of the interest and can't/won't reciprocate (leaving Alice in the "friend zone"). If Alice is Axe-Crazy (or otherwise extremely jealous), she might attempt to Murder the Hypotenuse.

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