Dating honduran women

Here’s why: You don’t want to approach women on the streets of Honduras.

The only cities in the world that are more dangerous are Acapulco and Caracas. Heck, dating Salvadorian women is less risky than picking up girls in San Pedro Sula. Okay, you can still get killed if you walk into the wrong street with a golden watch around your wrist.

Two weeks later they meet the parents, grandparents and the other hundred relatives.

The wedding traditions are not the same as in Europe or in the USA.

If you approach a girl as an aggressive alpha male, Take her hand and lead her across the street. God, you can meet so many singles on the largest Honduran dating site.

Give her the feeling that you can protect her emotionally, physically and yes, financially and she’ll be yours.

With us you are dealing with experienced people who respect you and these wonderful ladies.

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