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Roams from coffeehouse to coffeehouse in search of free Wifi, he usually majored in Creative Writing, Anthropology, Philosophy of Religion, or any number of super useful degrees. But be weary – hipsters pretend to be things, including in love.

Tread lightly as the Hipster is skittish and easily frightened by commitment.

The Sobro Bro, in contrast to the Lo Do bro, hasn’t fully come into his bro-ness.

He wears confused mixes between bro-fitted tees with collars and cut-off jean shorts with Converse.

Be careful of those on a Tinder bender, for they have probably been on six dates in the past hour.

If he uses any version of the phrase “Just looking for my Tinderella,” then swipe left immediately.

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Babe but boogi, materialistic and possibly over compensating for something, the Lo Do Bro is looking for his swolemate in all the wrong places.He somehow cares about everything and nothing at the same time.He looks super cute in cut-off shorts and a denim vest. Who needs deodorant when you have existentialism and a fixed gear bike? He posts Instagram pictures of his protein-fueled meals and hashtags #fitfam.He will never love you as much as he loves his Warby Parker glasses.Keep in mind that he is an artist and pretty sensitive about his shit.

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