Dating of fender amplifiers

Production of bodies and necks for both Music Man and G&L were concurrent up to and including March 1981.

G&L was incorporated May 1980, although some early models with the moniker "G&L" have body dates from March 1980."Here is the problem..of these guys are dead so trying to correct the record becomes more and more difficult.

Part of the reason for the poor sales of the guitar was that the preamp actually made the sound "too clean" for most Rock and Roll guitarists.

In December 1978, a two pickup bass was introduced called the Sabre (discontinued in 1991).

Since Music Man didn't pay CLF Research until the instrument finishes were deemed acceptable, a rift developed between CLF and Music Man over payment. The company's internal conflicts caused Leo Fender to form another partnership.

I often asked Tommy why he didn't sue over the suspect necks and he replied "My daddy didn't raise me like that".

In 1975, Fender's legal restriction had expired and after a vote of the board he was named the president of Music Man. He also owned and ran a consulting firm called CLF Research (Clarence Leo Fender) in Fullerton, California.

By 1976, it had built a manufacturing facility for musical instruments and was contracted to make Music Man products.

In November 1979, Leo had enough of Music Man's pressure and the ties were cut.

A contract was given to Grover Jackson to build bass bodies and assemble the instruments with CLF necks and the remaining CLF hardware. It was called the Cutlass and the two pickup variant, the Cutlass II.

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