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A Missouri woman says she was walking out of a building when a stranger began calling her name.

The man had been talking to who he thought was Chrissy Smith on the dating site Plenty of Fish, but Smith said she does not and never has had a profile on that site.

The man told Smith that the two even set up a date, but Smith never showed up."But then he was kind of upset that I stood him up," she said.

"Thank God he was normal, and that he was not a crazy madman that could have done something to me.""We've seen this before," said Ofc.

As the following video shows, after the change, the webcam is recording him recording the video, but the light is no longer on.

Almost all webcams, even those inside your laptop's screen, are USB devices.

The scammer even sent the man a nude body photo which Smith said is not her.

We are too lazy to write one, which is why we just hacked the DLLs in the demonstration above.

We believe this is what the FBI has done: a filter driver for the UVC standard would get most webcam products from different vendors, without the FBI haven't to write a custom hack for different vendors. It's designed with the idea that a person without root/administrator access may still want to plug in a device and use it.

We quickly zero in on the exported function "Turn On Off LED()".

We can quickly make a binary edit to this routine, causing it to return immediately without turning on the light. First, the light turns on as normal, then he stops the webcam, replaces the DLLs with his modified ones, and then turns on the webcam again.

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