Dating the enemy torrent

Deadmau5, who is a also a cofounder of Xfer Records, continued to mock Kanye's choice to torrent his product.

via @deadmau5Kanye has yet to respond with a weird Twitter rant but don't worry, there's still time...

"But seeing their work now and future updates for the installer they're already working on, we're sure they're ready for any obstacle Apple will throw their way." We've reached out to Apple for comment.

An aspiring New York fashion designer magically wakes up in South Korea, where she meets a boutique owner and aspiring idol, as she pursues her dream of succeeding in the fashion world.

Yes, Kanye West, a man who hates Pirate Bay so much he considered suing them has Pirate Bay open in his browser and he posted it for all the internet to see.

EDM producer Deadmau5 even called him out on @deadmau5It looks like Kanye was doing a little research into new music software and settled on pirating a copy of Xfer Records Serum.

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The copyright news site Torrent Freak reports that one of the teams working on Popcorn Time is planning to launch a standalone i OS app that will let users easily watch pirated movies and TV shows on the go — and they will not need to hack into their device to install it.It also has a polished and easy-to-navigate user interface.Torrenting can be fiddly and off-putting to non-tech people, but the service makes it as simple as browsing Netflix — hence the "Netflix for pirates" label.Pi Ya Nuo has disguised herself as a man for 25 years, when she saves Du Zhi Feng and his sister.Du Zhi Feng becomes Ya Nuo’s sworn brother, forcing her to either remain his best man—or become something more.

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