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As soon as he steps foot inside, he turns around to then close the door softly behind him. View Now Technology is continually evolving and improving.The same can be said about the invention of robotics and this video has us scratching our heads.Well, we hate to break it to you, but you've got nothing on Brian Glaum.His method for opening two bottles at once leaves us totally floored.Three horror-thriller tales revolve around a mysterious stray cat which is attempting to find a little girl in trouble.

So she let everyone know how she felt, by having an adorable meltdown on stage during the show.Hovercrafts are awesome, especially when they are used for good deeds. View Now Please enable Java Script to watch this video. Right Now," you can learn everything you need to know about men and relationships.Though an actual dinosaur theme park is still firmly the realm of science fiction, Devin Super Tramp has the next best thing—Jurassic Parkour! decided to relay his vast bug knowledge to the world by making videos, on different bugs, for You Tube. The creator of this hilarious "woman's guide to men," Kelsey Crane, joined RTM via Skype to tell us all about it.For over a decade, Tony looked at this cliff that he estimates at being about 100 feet high.Once he finally took the leap, Tony and all of us watching instantly realized he made a terrifying error.

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