East indian and afroamerican dating

During one interview at Case Western Reserve University, I was confronted by a black doctor and admissions committee member.

This number left me speechless — but it also started my wheels turning. I shaved my head, trimmed my long Indian eyelashes, joined the University of Chicago’s Organization of Black Students (a black friend ran it, knew my scam and got me in) and began applying to medical schools as a black man.One evening I was driving my shiny red Toyota 4Runner truck slightly under the speed limit.A cop pulled me over and seemed irritated, bluntly asking how I could afford such an expensive car.Like every good business-school alum, I started my own business ­after graduating.Ex-burglars make great security consultants, so, following in that tradition, I am a professional admissions counselor and résumé writer. Today, UCLA is thinking of restarting affirmative action.

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