Enfj and enfp dating

On the positive side, the ENFP can appreciate the ENFJ’s responsible nature, perceptiveness, and compassion for considering others’ feelings, while the ENFJ can appreciate the ENFP’s ability to generate ideas and brainstorm, open-mindedness, and conviction to their own personal values.

Relationship Problems – The INFJ being sensitive to criticism and judgment may find the INTJ’s blunt opinions off-putting at times.

INFJ appreciates the thoughtful insight and suggestions that INTP brings to the table and these insights can often shed light on some of the errors in the INFJ partner’s reasoning or conceptions.

Relationship Problems – Even though both parties are relatively easy going and tolerant, they may become confrontational and inflexible over anything that violates their most important and non-negotiable principles or values.

The INFJ is likely to be the first to initiate contact or express interest.

Although they are both introverted, INTPs are less inclined to admit their feelings for someone because of how awkward they are and their fear of rejection.

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