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: Seek Weta Ino Maae— The Cement Workers^ Union has applied to the city council for an Increase of fifty cents per day for finishers in the employ of the city who now get |3.&0.

Some time ago the committee recommended otlicr locations, but a veh CTnent protest from expressmen at the sites suggested re* suited tn further consideration.

11.— -A movement IR on foot to petition Premier As()^ith to forthwith ap- ^int a roynt commission to en- iiutre 'into ttte question of i Ml MN trial eo^partnemhlp mi A Ukely solution of the present t Adttstflal unrest. t wu of tlif defcni Uint.s named Uoherta and ("arson, who were defiant in their de- meanor and In their manner of k Iv Uik evidence, were sentenced to the longer term.s. AHIZE t Wants Training School E^tab^TIf lishe J — Favors Idea b S *- ^. tions In the Canadian naval nerviett are dealt with In a n9%mitetl. Qj^y tuber last, shortly after the ni OCettli C^ of the new govammtntr^ 'fl Ph0 ^ " government, he, mi t«i)4er B j Edf: 6# _ •tcpy«r»' tff Ihe-mi. met requirement^.'' ' Pe e XPr«Me«( tfa^ opinion that It *0U^ f M^'tt^t^.ijaxttest of efficiency irp MTt Of'll Nrilttt W'Were built in Eng- IVnil.

New Wcslinlii Htcr; t;raii»» at INDUSTRIAL CO-PARTNERSHIP LONDOK, Eng., Mar. Jttc^J members of parliament support the petition, 167 Unionists, 77 Liberals, 10 Nationalists, and 2 Lat lues varylii K from three to six months tl\e nii»n wlio were convicted of the char Ke of helns niembeis of an un- Mwful H.^semiily in connection Willi tlie r p c ent T H w i M i Btrept a i Htiirti Hi i fi j s. '[IDITHS IN ma Rear-admiral Kingsmill Pre- ^Isanjs Memo rand um— Abanr dort Wient of Presei^^telifax mfmmtmim PROf»OSe S i CCtll RES TO POP IH.

He was instantly hustled out of the the- atre by auditors seated ifear him.

Strongman, New Wcstmin.stcr; grand outer guard, Mr.

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Sir iipbert ^Batf|n-'Fo«f movement, spoke tonight When tbe iwe-, M».- went . )t«f M4 jfe as highly deair- ige la declared to t tbe conditlo Jj B rs when cadets from t1 t| ^ " M p p tnd an institution ines, s Trn|far t- 'Itary college at Kingston' v, ..cbted US^^i^h an entirely new building.

'u Oeponatnu ■liiii '' 8i(i,«ftir, th«* Premier said . % jbundred thousand spent on the |4 was a good investment, as the t P Ksslo must be a benefit to „„ whole district. Mayor OAMand and \ Keen, a 'former liberal candidate I the district also spoke briefly.

v^ bad been with htm oq the iirintr li U from the first and greajtly assist- e£'}ft hts policies. Bbwser recalled hla experiences lilies district sixteen years ago when tllrm had a branch office at Sandon, UMbde » sr Kty speech that convuls- fthe Audtence.

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