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If you are getting the silent treatment, you need attention, and the only person who can give it to you is yourself.

The best thing to do is to notice how much you are ignoring yourself by trying to get your partner to see you. You can say whatever it is you need to say, then focus on yourself and tend to your wounds.

The point is to disengage, not to engage further by giving the silent treatment back at your partner.

If you are giving the silent treatment, because it is a habit you learned, and you want to figure out how to disengage, you are likely going to have to face some vulnerable feelings.

Thomas Telford School previously generated significant funds through the sale of its online curriculum content and qualifications sold through a subsidiary company TTSOnline Limited (Thomas Telford School Online Limited).

The school has long been at the forefront of using IT for education, the school makes use of electronic whiteboards provided by Smart Technologies in all classrooms, learning bases and study rooms.

The dynamic tends to be as follows: one person withdraws attention from the other, who then responds by trying to get their partner to break their silence.

The more the recipient of the silent treatment attempts to break their partner’s silence, the more the giver of the silent treatment gets the attention they want, the more silent they become, and a vicious cycle has begun. It depends on which side of the dynamic you are on.

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This is in a system of national year groups from Year 7 to 6.2 (year 13).

The catchment area includes Telford, Wolverhampton and the villages and suburbs in between.

One of the school's initial main aims was to help relieve the under-performing schools in the urban areas of Wolverhampton.

On both sides, it is tempting to respond from a place of pain, and find ways to make your partner feel that pain.

This only feeds the cycle, because you are still focusing your attention on that person.

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