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It honestly doesn't really matter to me (that much) whether you watch with CFS or join a studio site, hopefully through our links & ads. And you don't have to call a doctor — unless he's hot, of course. Sergeant Miles needs to piss really bad and runs into a convenience store to take care of business.What matters to me most here is that everybody gets paid for their work, the ones in front of the camera, behind the camera, and in the back office. As he's relieving himself at the urinal, he looks down to see Tegan Zayne peeking through a glory hole in the bathroom stall.

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Rikk gets railed deep and then realizes he still has a boner to reduce.

To stay awake, he guzzles down what he thinks is an energy drink.

It turns out to be a boner elixir and it works instantly.

He jacks his stiff dick until both studs are on the verge of blowing their loads.

The sight of Tegan's hot hairy body, his swollen cock, and his lips wrapped around Sergeant's dick makes the hairy trucker be the first to blast into Tegan's wide open mouth.

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