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Pictured is a poster outside an Athens bank depicts German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble as a Nazi Among the measures demanded that would directly affect citizens are lifting a ban on Sunday trading for shops, opening up ownership of pharmacies and opening up closed professions such as ferry transport.'I think the terms agreed for the bailout are going to make life very hard for all of us.But I agree with the idea of Sunday openings, it's a measure that will allow those who work all week to have more time to buy our products, which can only help the economy,' said Melina Petropoulou, 41, the manager of a women's clothes shop.Gianna Georgakopoulou, a 43-year-old office manager in a jewellery store, broadly welcomed the bailout deal, but said: 'We may have no choice but to open every Sunday, but that's not going to mean we'll be happy about it.

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Nevertheless, the decision gives Greece the chance to get back on track with the support of European partners.

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While striking a deal was considered vital to securing Greece's future within the euro and preventing the country's economy collapsing, Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras agreed to rush key measures on tax hikes, pension reforms, and a debt repayment fund through parliament.

Greece's liabilities are equivalent to around 180% of its GDP - and few economists believe that is sustainable.

The currency's reputation has undoubtedly suffered due to the crisis, with the weaknesses in its structure and rules cruelly exposed.

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