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Not in my lifetime Jen I think the final say should be a meeting of the minds, not just cause he has the gonads.

When I get to sit home and he is the only bread winner in this family then maybe he has the right to a little more say, but as long as I am working and bringing home the bacon too...

Cloudflare is used by a lot of very big websites out there.

It will help make the process go as smooth as possible.

Thus it imparts a clear indication that a letter is an uppercase I rather than a lower case "L".

Four minutes is long enough to see if you click with the person you are talking to and whether you would like to see them again and also short enough if you don't.Cu Sidhes will have their damage increased (including those already in game).-Fixed issue with commodity deeds in ship hold -fixed fishing pole not equipping -fixed issue with armor/weapon hits dropping way too fast -fixed talisman superslayer display -champion spawn now has a default Spawn Radius as well as Spawn Mod -auction safe deeds are now blessed -fixed shadowguard crash -fixed eodontribesman crash -voidpool spawn will now spawn with no loot, added property for no loot in basecreature -Enchantress cameo super slayer -Myrmidex crash fix -Fixed shrink table limit and shrink items not showing up properly -removed collection extensions, used static methods instead -added High Seas Fish trophies -added dinos to hunstmaster hunt list -fixed cleanup brit instrument rewards -fixed Base Weapon On Hit durability decay (further research needed) -removed enable/disable auto insure for SA expansions -added refused trades context to playermobile, plus support -monsters will now aggro on player summons -gargoyle tinkers now sell basketweaving book -fixed tiger itemid -fixed tiger/dragon turtle hatchling exploit -added durability to blackthorn worn rewards -added durability to Vv V clothing rewards -added Termur Pv PWarn Gump (reference:xrunuo) - Updated slayer groups regarding shadowguard monsters - Fixed Shadowguard Boss Crash - Block now works as per EA buff bar - Paragon Chests now fill with new loot, if Enabled - Vv V participation is now character centric, as opposed to guild centric, ie guilds aren't Vv V, the individuals can choose to join or not.- Fixed Vv V crash - Fixed message when you try to use a passive mastery spell - Gargoyles morphed by barracoon will no longer Fly - Fixed Myrmidex Invasion Spawner - Added Chicken Coop/Incubator to Carpentry meny - Fixed runebeetle crash - added durability to spellbooks - added negative attributes to spellbooks - added negative attributes to Base Talisman...This data can contain sensitive data including session and cookie information.Time of Legends, up to publish 93 - Skill Masteries - Shadowguard - Eodon Spawn - New Eodon Quest Lines Bug Fixes - Horrific beast base wrestle damage is now 5-15 - Horrific beast will now casts spell within that spell focus school (which, turns out can only be necromancy) - Fight Mode.Aggressor will now attack players/creatures that have had their pets/summons aggro on them (Cave Troll Fix) - Dungeon Shame Teleporters no longer block access - Unraveling now only gives 1 relic fragment.

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