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For smooth panning/scrolling, it's vital that the UI thread do an efficient and smart job of instantiating, data-binding, and laying out items.

UI virtualization is the most important improvement you can make.

This topic shows what you can do to make your app efficient at manipulating collections.

There are two key factors in performance when it comes to collections: one is the time spent by the UI thread creating items; the other is the memory used by both the raw data set and the UI elements used to render that data.

Then let us add an Update Panel with Gridview and add asynchronouspostback trigger for Grid View Row Command Event.

We are not going to use the default crud functionality that Grid View provides but going to achieve the same using Grid View Row Command Event just like how we displayed details in my previous article.

If you use Variable Sized Wrap Grid, Wrap Grid, or Stack Panel, then you will not get virtualization.

Additionally, the following List View events are raised only when using an Items Wrap Grid or an Items Stack Panel: Choosing Group Header Container, Choosing Item Container, and Container Content Changing.

The benefit of even a small reduction in element count is multiplied by the number of items displayed.

The concept of a viewport is critical to UI virtualization because the framework must create the elements that are likely to be shown.

In general, the viewport of an Items Control is the extent of the logical control.

Next let us add code for detail view popup that displays selected gridview row in a detailsview control.

Note For more details, see the //build/ session Dramatically Increase Performance when Users Interact with Large Amounts of Data in Grid View and List View.

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