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I'm not one to write smut so don't expect it but I wanted to point this out so that if anyone complains I can laugh at them : D lol Teenagers are teenagers, a fact JKR liked to ignore but that most of us fanfic writers don't.She cast the depilatory charm on the body parts she tended to keep free of hair and then got dressed for the day.This 19th-century Victorian town home with winding staircases and corridors is home to an array of luxurious suites and rooms.In the well-known, upscale Chelsea neighborhood, this boutique hotel is easily accessible from London’s Underground and bus as well.

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There were multiple shower stalls and toilets but the girls had decided early on to just go in turns unless they were in a hurry or it was an emergency.

Bodleian Library’s Divinity Hall (used as the infirmary) and Duke Humphries Library are two must-see spots, as are the staircase and hallways in Christ Church College, leading to the Tudor dining hall, where Harry, Ron, and Hermione meet Professor Mc Gonagall.

Jacobite Steam Train Close your eyes and pretend you’re headed to Hogwarts as you board the Jacobite steam train.

Her birthday had fallen on a weekend this year and she was quite pleased.

When she returned to her bed she noticed a vase of roses on her end table, "That elf with the sock on his foot left them there," Lavender said.

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