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Then there was serotonin, another neurotransmitter, one associated, she says, with traits such as being “calm, cautious but not fearful, social, popular, managerial, traditional, conventional, literal, fact-oriented, conscientious, loyal.” She named that type the Builder.She knew the effects of testosterone and estrogen, too, from her work on gender differences, the foundation of her book, The First Sex: The Natural Talents of Women and Why They Are Changing the World (1999).But she is also charming, disarmingly candid, and easy to confide in, like an old friend.

Sure, she says, scientists know that people are attracted to others who share their values, backgrounds, and intelligence.

She prefers a night at the theater or opera, or dinner with a friend. Fisher was raised in prosperous New Canaan, Connecticut, one of four children, including her identical twin, Lorna.

She was married once, at age 23, for eleven months, a mistake she quickly recognized. Her mother was a sculptor and horticulturist, and her father was an executive at Time Inc.

She had even used brain scans to show that the chemistry of romantic love and the chemistry of addiction are similar.

By 2004, Fisher, a research professor of biological anthropology at Rutgers University whom the media had dubbed the Love Doctor, had reached a professional turning point: “I was truly thinking of getting out of studying love—I figured that there was more to be said, but maybe not by me.” Then, two days before Christmas, she received a phone call from

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