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So all those to-be parents who kill female fetus in hope to bring life to a generation of sons are committing bigger crimes.

Similarly, those couples who abort fetus to shed off from responsibilities are committing anti-Vedic sins.

It’s also called Amar Katha (Eternal History, to make one eternal).

People ask whether Ashwatthaamaa is still alive or not?

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Although, after Duryodhana’s defeat it appeared that Hastinapur was now safe, as it was clear that Yudhishthira was the next king of Hastinapur, Ashwatthama’s action brought an end to the Pandava line.

Ashwathama was cursed because he killed innocent sons of Pandavas and later also tried to harm fetus of Utarra.

Don’t you think, those couples who are doing alike crimes would face the same wrath during their lives or after their deaths.

Whatever deed we do here in (earth) – whether good or bad – does come back with reflective fruits of it.

One must never kill innocent, non-aggressive animals and fetus.

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