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You should describe the most recent act(s) of abusive or threatening behavior and any history of such behavior.

Describe any injuries in detail and whether weapons were involved.

If you want to make changes, even temporary changes for emergencies or special events, you must request the change from the judge.

To request a change you must file a motion, which is a request to the judge to make a decision about a case.

At 14, Donna Pollard’s anger and outbursts landed her in a youth behavioral facility in Southern Indiana. They started dating shortly after she returned home to Laurel County, Kentucky.

Last year, there were still 217 child marriages — about seven of every 1,000 marriages.A review of Kentucky data over the last 17 years shows that 11,000 minors have gotten hitched in that period — some as young as 13.These marriages occur across the commonwealth but are more common in the eastern counties, according to marriage license data obtained by the Kentucky Center for Investigative Reporting.A protective order is a court order that tells one person (the respondent) to stop abusing or harassing the other person (the petitioner).The purpose of the protective order is future protection.

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