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Eun-soo initially advises Joon-oh to let his ex-girlfriend go if that's her wish, because keeping trying to trace her is just an empty obsession.

But since Joon-oh shows no sign of quitting, and she herself has just broken up with her boyfriend and is feeling her own loss in love, Eun-soo decides to help him decipher the messages on page 198 of all the books.

Lee Dong Wook has returned to drama land this month in the new series "Heaven's Order," also called "The Fugitive of Joseon." In this drama, he plays a royal doctor who is unjustly accused of poisoning the king.

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At first, Eun-soo accuses him of book vandalism and reports him to the police, but she soon becomes curious regarding the complex story behind his actions.

It tells the story of a librarian who is first furious at a man who rips out page 198 of books, then becomes intrigued, and finally decides to help him after learning that he's heartbroken after his girlfriend broke up with him then left a note to look up page 198, without mentioning which book.

Eun-soo works conscientiously as a librarian in a seaside village.

He is also close to Lee Jin Wook, currently appearing in "Nine: Nine Time Travels." 5.

He once admitted to dating an onscreen drama girlfriend although he would not say who she was.

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