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Social networking is a broad concept that includes all sorts of networking websites, from business to personal.People use these services to network with others, catch up with old friends, and share common interests.One of the biggest advantages of Google Hangouts is the seamless nature of transitioning from text chat to video chat.

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On the other hand, a chat room is a less formal way to communicate.

Google is known for its comprehensive suite of applications including everything from email to social networking to word processing.

If you are using any of Google's social networking features, you can login to Google Hangouts to chat with your email contacts and any Google user.

A user can talk to a friend, drop in links, and add photos to the chat, even while on a video chat.

Google Hangouts are good for large groups; their video chats accommodate up to 10 people, and those using for work or education can have video calls with 25 people.

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