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The Mother's Day flowers were delivered on time and looked just like the website picture, which I didn't really expect because of the disclaimer.I have ordered flowers from Stamford Florists by phone several times and the outcome has always been a very good experience. Since I live so far from my Mom it is good to know you are there and care.That, and she met another guy who goes by the name of Shawn Carter . and she’d still be mine if I’d not cheated on her.” Source: Necole On the relationship: Beyonce was the love of my life and I was hers, so losing her is still my biggest regret.Now, over 12 years or so later, Lyndell is reminiscing on his former relationship with Bey, while saying, “Beyonce was the most beautiful girl I’d ever seen. She would say to me all the time, ‘I’m afraid to ever live my life without you Lyndall, I want you to be mine for ever’.And the award for the dumbest man on the planet goes to....idiot who cheated on Beyonce, Lyndell Locke.(Scroll to the bottom to check out some of their pictures.) Beyonce’s first boyfriend Lyndell is somewhere drinking his sorrows away, over his lost love Beyonce if you believe the latest interview that appeared in The Sun over the weekend. I have been ordering flowers for my mom from this establishment for years now and have not been disappointed.

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I think it was my third time to order from Stamford Floral. I don't live in the area and I'm unfamiliar with local florist - so having quick access to your site was wonderful.

She was just so shy, she was a bit of an outcast at school and didn’t even sing in the choir. We spent hours watching movies together and playing Connect 4.

Some of our most fun times was when I watched Beyonce, her sister Solange and Kelly performing dance routines.

So while I had no idea how good her voice was back then, I certainly knew she could move. I surprised her with Brian Mc Knight concert tickets and it happened that night.

I had got popcorn and as we were sitting in our seats I dropped it.

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