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Harem fic Vernon gets rid of Harry by using a friend. How will he perform this time around, and how will it affect the game and its course?

Harry is dumped in San Francisco just after he is left with the Dursleys. But now it's time for college and Kim and Ron discover that's an entirely different sitch ... (Based off of 'Total Drama Redemption' by Purple Bandit3000)Princess Looma returns to Earth to spend time with her future husband.

Narux Miux Renx Kisax Shigu Naruto runs from Konoha as he tried to escape a past he wishes to forget. Happosai leads Ranma to a dojo that is owned by a "friend" of his, Fürinji Hayato.

When he uses everything he has he gets sent through space and time, and finds himself in Jump City! Alternate Universe/Crossover and to be safe M rating. 5 year old Harry accompanies the Dursleys on a Business trip to Stark International, where an industrial accident kills all of Harry's living relatives. Dating, Romance, noship Reborn as the eldest son of Tywin Lannister, Hadrian must shoulder the responsibilities of being heir to Casterly Rock and play the game of thrones.

Attack on Titan/ Bleach Title: Wolf Hunting Pairing(s): Sajin Komamura Synopsis: With the fall of the Wall Maria titans were allowed to pour into one of the last human civilisations, hundreds were slaughtered. The people felt their hope leave them...until with a single swing it decimated several titans all at once. Leaving the whole city, and Eren the most wondering just what it was. Given the power to take down the mightiest of these titans with his bare hands by a young boy dressed for a funeral, and guided by and old man who looks like he'll be having his own soon, He must choose who will have the right to claim god hood in the world to come. The reason I started "Logia Luffy: Yami edition" was that I felt that the idea of Luffy having different powers hasn't really been explored. He can have the powers of any fruit you desire him to.

(1) Shin Megami Tensei: Lucifers call (Nocturne)/ DC Universe Title: Unknown Pairings: Demi- Fiend/ Unknown Synopsis: The world has ended.

When Gentaro Kisaragi AKA Kamen Rider Fourze came to Honnoji Academy, he did so with the intention of befriending Satsuki Kiryuin. Rias Gremory is asked by her brother to care for a human suffering from memory loss. No one has heard from or seen Ichigo Kurosaki since he left Karakura 10 years ago until now.

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His first, self-given assingnment is set the Green Lantern Corps strait, but will the Guardian's contempt with the Blue Lantern Corp's founders make the Green Lanterns his enemy? Settling in Jump City New York he forms a team with five super individuals, but soon threats show up that not only threaten their lives, but their way of life and the world itself. No Angtsy, Emo, deuchebag or traitor Naruto in this cossover. All he ever wants is to have someone special in his life. He's given a second chance as he returns to the island, while coming across some changes.Rescued by Inspector Harry Callahan of the San Francisco Police Dept and raised as his son. Post-Graduation, Sequel to "Fly Me To The Moon."Nine year old Naruto has had a hard life so far... Ben tries to find a way out of the engagement and at the same time he must spend time with her.This story takes place in year 5Graduating from high school? But as Ben gets to know her, he begins to to see Loomas not just powerful, but beautiful as well.He grabs space into his hands, and befriends everyone there! However this time he will be forced to watch from the sidelines at least for now as he forms his own plans with his Sekirei at his side.Dipper, Mabel, Pacifica and Wendy all sign up to join on the hottest summer reality show Total Drama Island. When Nico Robin has a dream and the crew finds a boy in the middle of the ocean, she'd never have thought that he could be the key to the mystery of one of the Poneglyphs and the creation of their world.

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