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Saunders in a CD Hillman Minx hadn't memorised the route, Miss Burt (Jowett Javelin), with Miss Pike-Rogers of the Bugatti O. as passenger, almost smote the wall but drove well, Kingwell (Austin A40) crashed his gears, Tracey (Morris-Oxford) was steady, White (Vanguard) was slow, Parham handled his Bristol with consummate neatness, as well as being very rapid, Day went the wrong way and then stalled his Sunbeam-Talbot uphill. II) was steady and neat, and Slocombe (Bristol) had a damaged off-side front wing, someone suggested because he couldn't resist looking at his blonde girl passenger, and he was slow.

As it was, few cars failed, but we noticed Hughes do so in his Wolseley 4/44. In making a report on those performances observed, the writer is fully conscious of how difficult it is to be fair in print, remembering the big variety of cars which competed and how familiarity in observing such a long event (7 1/2 hours of it) can warp the reporter's judgment. Midget with J2-type wings was driven exceedingly well on a grand run. (A good average time was about 28 sec.) In contrast, Whiteley's Sunbeam-Talbot was rather slow, Woffinden very cautious in an aged Ford Prefect, but both Jameson's TA M. Douglas' left-hand-drive Riley was also dreadfully slow, Mc Laughlin's Austin was clumsily driven, stalling in reverse, but Kent-Phillips' old Hudson Terraplane, "Bathroom" written in the dust on its vast rear panel, wasn't at all bad. Major Osborne, timed by his rear-seat passenger, took his Mk. G.s, white positioning lines painted on their wings, went very well. Wakefield's handling of his Austin A90 would have been outstanding and was very good in spite of a tussle to get reverse gear. Clarkson's Morgan displayed great acceleration but reversed up a kerb, Roberts' Zephyr was fast, but juddered and spun, D. Taylor, smoking a cigarette, found his XK120 Jaguar a handful but was fast, and then Ken Rawlings in "Buttercup" (entered officially as a Standard Vanguard ! Walker, in a Healey, was quiet and neat, Stanforth the same in a Series E Morris Minor, Fisher lit the fireworks with a new Standard Eight, Freeman (M. Holmes (Sunbeam-Talbot) correctly and fast, as did Pell (Jaguar XK120), who then lost time discussing his next move with his passenger. V) went straight up without trying, Dennis Dent crunched his Jaguar's gears and ran back, but Shand did a very excellent run in his Jaguar XK120, although hesitating momentarily on the restart. VII Jaguar saloon through in impeccable fashion, and Juckes' XK120 Jaguar was handled exceedingly well in a determided manner after initial wheel-spin. was fast, reverse being crashed in, but it nearly touched the pylon - which, amazingly, survived to the bitter end ! West in an old Jaguar saloon took it slowly to an ominous clonking from the transmission, waving to indicate that he dare not use any power. Pay handled his Austin Sheerline well, losing time after reversing however, white-overalled Vivian (Jaguar Mk. Nasty noises followed the jumping out of cog of Morley's Austin A90, Cliff Davis, disguised in a hat was exceptionally good, if brutal to the cogs, in a new A. Ace, Todd punished his Sumbeam-Talbot similarly after reversing, and so did Perring (Sunbeam-Talbot) on a wild, fast run. Morris Minor) slow, lacking power, but very polished, and excellent runs were put up by Trigg (Hillman Minx), Gordon (Jupiter), Masefield-Baker (Jowett), Hughes (Hillman Minx), Hughesman (Sunbeam-Talbot), Defty (Bristol), Mainwaring (Sunbeam-Talbot), Barnsfield (Sunbeam-Talbot), Watkins (Sunbeam Talbot), Miss Neil (Morgan Plus Four) and Miss Walker (Sunbeam-Talbot). VI Bentley made a very dubious restart, Mather took the wrong course, and Mc Grady (s.v. Gill (Hillman Minx) came out the wrong way from the side street, Williamson's Riley was good, Renwick crunched the cogs of his Hillman, and Walsh (Javelin) even more so, although he was fast. Taylor was leisurely in restarting his Jowett Javelin, Mrs. From seven starting points about the British Isles competitors converged on Harrogate and then followed a common route to the finish at hospitable Hastings.The total mileage was about 1,200 and four tests had to be taken , with another set at Hastings, where much public road was devoted to these manoeuvres.

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