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Power BI Desktop is a visual data exploration and reporting tool that allows developers to build compelling reports at no additional cost.ISVs and developers can download the Power BI desktop tool.Previously, if a node disconnected from the cluster because of a network problem or a node restart, each shard on the node would have to be resynced by comparing segment files with the primary shard and copying over any segments that were different.

Doc-values provide a fast columnar data store - it’s part of the magic that makes aggregations so fast in Elasticsearch.

TLS between nodes is required in X-Pack Security in 6.0 and the only way to enable it if you aren’t already using it is to do a full cluster restart, which you can choose to do either in 5.x or as part of your upgrade to 6.0.

Make sure to read the Stack upgrade docs before beginning the upgrade process.

As with previous major version upgrades, Elasticsearch 6.0 will be able to read indices created in 5.x, but not those created in 2.x.

However, instead of needing to reindex all of your old indices, you can choose to leave them in a 5.x cluster and to use Cross Cluster Search to search across both your 6.x and 5.x clusters at the same time.

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