Non christian dating a christian woman

In Majorca for example, xuetas, people descended from conversos and who would have failed the blood purity tests were still considered second class.

Limpieza de sangre entry requirements for the Spanish Army and Navy were abolished in 1865, In November the same year, a decree allowed children for whom ancestry could not be verified, to enter religious establishments of higher education.

His hand was chopped off and nailed to the church door*. When the priest gave communion he would throw the blessed host to them as though they were dogs.

Some kinder priests used a long wooden spoon, still avoiding the touch of the outcasts.

The Cagots The Cagots provide an insight into Christian discrimination, apartheid, and persecution because they were ordinary Catholics persecuted by Catholics*. Their origins are unknown and as far as we know they were persecuted for no better reason that it was traditional to persecute them.

The Cagots of France were one of the groups persecuted by Christians for centuries, but now almost forgotten.

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