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Starting in the mid-1970s, equivalent metric capacities were also embossed on pieces, therefore any seen so-marked can be dated positively later than that.The older mixing bowls also have a thicker, more pronounced rim, but with no appreciable difference in capacity from later examples. Variations in the red 2-1/2 quart mixing bowls encountered are owed to their differing heritages.The #063 oval divided dishes made before the mid-1970s were not marked with a model number.All Pyrex color ware was discontinued after about 1986.It was not until a few years later that the largest bowl was offered in open stock and also in red.Any 4-quart #404 bowl in a color of other than yellow must therefore be dated no earlier than 1949.Prior to the 2004 Public Enquiry into the functioning of Walgett Shire, it worked on the basis that there were about 7,000 people in the town, but the enquiry found that this estimate was given no support by the 2001 census and contrasted with the 1,109 people who voted in the town at the local government elections in 2004.

Lids original to each would also be period correct.

Bear in mind, of course, that either style lid will fit any dish of corresponding size, so one can never assume a lid was originally sold with its dish unless it is found as new old stock.

Clear glass #500 series refrigerator storage dishes were made both in the late 1940s and in the early 1980s.

Lightning Ridge hosted an annual goat race in the town's main street and a rodeo on the Easter long weekend until 2011.

Goats were harnessed and driven by children, much like harness racing in equine sports.

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