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"Many of them are outright liars and they are manipulating history; they are manipulating facts in order to push their political agenda." Lively even tarred abortion rights as "a product of the gay philosophy" meant to promote sexual promiscuity in order to "destroy the family." In sum, he warned, U. homosexuals are out to recruit young people into homosexual lifestyles so they must be stopped. Harry Mwebesa of Family Life Network told the crowd, Dr.

Scott told us about Brazil where 10 years ago, homosexuality was unheard of. There are people that have been against homosexuality that are having to leave because of the pressure and the threats that they are putting on them. Another participant who called himself Elijah said, The man of God [Scott Lively] told us about a movement behind the promotion of homosexuality and it is called gay movement. But I got to know that there is a force behind homosexuality which we need to tackle with force.

Family Life Network's Langa pushed people at a follow up meeting to stand up for the tougher law against homosexuality for their children's sake, echoing Lively in charging that Ugandan gays and activists were being paid by U. While hardly embraced, and indeed illegal in many countries, at least LGBT people were not hounded by churches and police alike until American culture warriors came to Africa. But unlike the United States, in Africa sexual minorities are only thinly organized and have few allies who will stand up with them. But in more authoritarian countries, like Uganda and Nigeria, where some counties punish homosexuality with death, U. religious conservatives are better able to promote their anti-LGBT agenda, building on decades of missionary work. As Warren recently told Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life, "If you want to know the future of evangelicalism, it is in [Africa, Asia and Latin America.] To give you an example, in 1900 there were only 10 million Christians in all of Africa -- 10% of the population.

Bishop Christopher Ssenjonyo, one of the most progressive voices on LGBT issues in Uganda, expressed his own concerns about the Americans' role to me in March, "I am sure that these lies will incite public hatred against gays." How Did We Get Here? Scott Lively and Don Schmierer are just two among a parade of right-leaning American Christians who have brought the U. Those who do are tarred as neocolonialist and racist, because of the effectiveness of U. Today there are 360 million Christians in Africa, over half the population."[4] Warren's numbers are wrong and fewer than half of Africans are Christian.

Within Africa, Warren seems to be progressive when it comes to fighting poverty, illiteracy and HIV/AIDS.

Indeed, parliamentary action to wage war on gays was on the conference agenda.Since that day, we need to stand firm to fight homosexuality. But a few days later, he met with Ugandan lawmakers and government officials, some of whom would draft parliament's Anti-Homosexuality Act of 2009 the next month.This act would ban LGBT organizing and give the death penalty for gays, though not heterosexuals, who have sex with someone underage or while infected with the HIV/AIDS virus.[3] Lively and the "traditional family values" language of U. antigay campaigners echoes through the first draft of the legislation dating to April: Research indicates that the homosexuality has a variety of negative consequences including higher incidences of violence, sexually transmitted diseases, and use of drugs.The higher incidence of separation and break-up in homosexual relationships also creates a highly unstable environment for children raised by homosexuals through adoption or otherwise, and can have profound psychological consequences on those children.In addition, the promotion of homosexual behavior undermines our traditional family values. Amid the utter hysteria, any sense that homosexuality has been in Africa from time immemorial was lost. Thankfully, because of Kenya's democratic past and stronger civil society, citizens managed to challenge and slow down efforts for broad criminalization of homosexuality. evangelicals like California's Rick Warren have turned their attention to Africa as its role in global Christianity has grown.

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