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european, shaved Many nightclubs in the Philippines are either called discos, beer houses or VIP karaoke bars.

All have one detail in common: sexy dressed hostesses with the job title of GRO.

During it's British occupation Kowloon used to have model studios where gymnasts posed naked for nude art photographers and painters.

Too bad those open minded times are history, but several image hosting sites still store those older gymnast photos online. Alternatively, older gentlemen's magazines from those times are still sold on Kowloon and Mongkok flea markets every day.

A smaller, less popular section of the site depicts around 2000 various models who rehearsed for pictorials with the site, but never made it to be featured.

For whatever reason those models never made it is unknown, but the nude casting pictures include some big names of the modeling industry.

Many GROs are very stunning beauties - more so than dancers and waitresses who work out of agogo bars. Have a look at this GRO casting for a Japanese recruiting company based in Clark Oasis compound.

Let's run to newsstand and buy FHM with nude Chloe Dauden.

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As many other applicants for this porn site, she was asked to produce nude images to qualify for the part of John Tron's girlfriend. It's cool to be a frog at certain times :-) Chinese are some of the most flexible gymnasts and there is a long lasting culture of performing arts in the country.

boobs, outdoor, thai Imagine walking your dog through a forrest near Prague, Hamburg or Geneva and suddenly this scene catches your eye: a photographer takes images of a shaved naked Asian babe from Mongolia with a totally hairless twat. You can see these images on Asianzilla today as a Dutch producer released them.

Pictured is flawless Mongolian nude art Czech model Agnes who lives in Prague, now.

filipina, shaved Divine breast of 36D or 36E should be mandatory for every sexy Thai girl.

Looking at BB Ran's perfect hooters is an awesome treat for today.

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