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To gather pieces of the puzzle, she is using new genetic techniques to answer basic questions like ‘what do zebras really eat?’, as well as tried and true methods for assessing health and parasite load to answer complicated questions like ‘how do body condition, parasite burden, and immune function interact in each species? The highly seasonal environment in central Kenya, where the two zebra species overlap in range, is an exciting place to watch them adjust their social behaviour as they deal with drought and unpredictable rains, dropping clues for why they behave the way they do. X-rays revealed that the juvenile hawk had a break to the upper part of his humerus, the upper wing bone, just below the shoulder joint. She took it immediately to the Cornell Wildlife Clinic. The injured hawk, confirmed last year to be D1, was taken to the Janet L. Can somebody from Cornell clean up the nest so the babies don’t get sick? A small group of dedicated individuals embarked on a project to study the hawks’ DNA to determine the birds’ identities in 2014. Unfortunately in the morning of June 15, E3 was injured in an accident.

Answers to Your Questions About the Cornell Hawk Nest. E3 is now appearing in public education programs around the local community and is a great ambassador for Red-tailed Hawks across America.

We hope all the chicks will survive, but if not, we will all learn the answer by watching the cams. We would need to consider factors such as whether the young hawk can be safely captured; whether it is old enough to survive on its own with its parents looking after it; and whether it is injured and can be rehabilitated.

How old are Red-tailed Hawks when they have their first nestlings? We’re not sure, since this circumstance has rarely been observed.

The dead hawk, confirmed last year to be unrelated to Big Red and Ezra, was taken to the Animal Health Diagnostic Center to determine the cause of death, which was thought to be a result of blunt force trauma and associated internal bleeding, likely from a collision.

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