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Plentyoffish dating forums are a place to meet singles and get dating advice or share dating experiences etc. I love them in their forties so I`d probably love them in their 50`s too..depends i have found there are 2 different mind frames usually if the man is secure with himself the pros i have seen - no mind games, knows what he enjoys but is open minded, patiencethe cons- workaholic, exes - maybe a issue, not having common background(this can also be a big plus)if hes not secure - i have found more issues than younger men - they seem to be trying to catch up.

Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing... proving themselves etc though this can lead to great sex for a short period but they seem to crash soon There are no negitives to dating a guy in his 50's or older, If they have been on their own for a while anyways...*They know to how to look after themselves....clean....laundry.*Their children would all be grown.*Their would have a wallet full of grandkids pictures too.*They know what you are talking about when you tell them of going to show every Saturday morning.

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We all know that men just like women are all different. What 3 positive and or negatives would come to mind upon hearing this question.. First, I am a woman, not a girl, and I'm looking for a man, not a boy, positive: more relaxed with himself, knows what he wants, more talkativenegatives:can be narrow-minded, stuck in the same old rut,may not be as spontaneous. Now I found this forum interesting, Good information to learn from, positives and negatives.You really have to be careful when meeting someone because they might not be what you expected. I have discovered that while using the app, many people posted old photos of themselves where they look completely different, or photos of themselves in a group, or even their childhood photos. You can’t start up any type of relationship with someone via social media if you look completely different now as opposed to maybe ten or twenty years ago.You also can’t post a photo of yourself with three other people in it – how will we know which one you are?Then again they might not notice, and that is what attracts them, lol. I see too many grown kids in their mid to late 20's living at home, Daddy has to be ATM.Rapunzel Well I like men of all ages.....not that young.... They need to prepare their kids for when the day comes that they aren't around.

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