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However, his ambitions are reachable as the "only thing" he is good at is playing the guitar. Papp's mullet hair style became a trademark of Frank.Papps said that it was fashionable at the time and while he had originally sported the style for a previous project, it "evolved into the Home and Away mullet".Papps left the series in May 1989 to join the cast of The Flying Doctors.Frank's departure storyline soon aired with his marriage to Bobby failing and him leaving her to be with Roo.While Frank and Roo's wedding became infamous – Sinead O'Neil from The Sun named it a classic soap cliff-hanger.While a writer from Inside Soap said that it was one of the greatest moments in the genre.Over three hundred young actors auditioned for the roles of the foster children.

Frank fails to win Bobby back from her new love Greg Marshall (Ross Newton). The character became known for his "hunky" appearance and was often labelled a heartthrob.

He has spoke of dismay of the "hype" surrounding the role as he believed it to be misplaced.

However, Papps was still being recognised as the character twenty years later. His inspiration developed after witnessing a foster home being built in a remote town in New South Wales and the locals opposing the idea of "degenerate kids running riot".

Tom loses his job in the city and moves the Fletcher family to the town of Summer Bay.

In Frank's backstory, he is a product of a broken home, born to a criminal father and an alcoholic mother.

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