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In this example you can tweak different queue options and see what effect that has on the number of events fired, and how often the DOM is updated.

This provides a good way to learn about Ajax requests flood protection.

Or to be more clear, you can, but the Progress Bar won't actually show each update to the progress before the task is completed, which pretty much renders it useless.

To illustrate, you can try the following example: A very basic example, where, as soon as the window is ready, we do a loop from 0 to 100 and in each iteration, we increment the value of the Progress Bar.

For instance, if you loop through a collected list of files while checking each of them, you can set the Minimum property to 0, the Maximum to the amount of files in your list, and then just increment as you loop through it.

The Progress Bar is, just like other standard WPF controls, rendered to match the visual style of the operating system.

Another approach is to use actual minimum and maximum values from a list of tasks you're performing.

Notice the special String Format syntax, which allows us to show the value with a percentage sign postfix - it might look a bit strange, but please see the String Format article of this tutorial for more information on it.

JSF 2 provides a queuing mechanism out-of the box in order to sequence client side events with the built-in Ajax implementation.

WPF comes with a handy control for displaying progress, called the Progress Bar.

It works by setting a minimum and maximum value and then incrementing a value, which will give a visual indication on how far in the process you currently are.

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