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But in daily agony, on the point of another breakdown and facing the loss of her university place — but determined not to go back on the medication which had done her so much harm — she looked around for something to get her through. She knew how passionately we were both opposed to it.

The figure in the hospital bed was someone we barely recognised. I don’t want you to speak to me for the next 20 years, to make up for my not having a voice as a child.’I was shaking for a week after that dreadful morning in November 2013, and carried on crying every day for pretty much the next two years.Back at university, she never rang us and she even started to live elsewhere.Her little sister Rose, now 13 and by far Lara’s biggest fan, couldn’t work out what was going on.At 15, with us growing increasingly concerned about her troubles, she was diagnosed with obsessive compulsive disorder by a psychiatrist friend.At 16, after waiting an agonising year for treatment due to an administrative error, she took a ‘gesture’ overdose in a desperate bid for help.

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