Salma hayek dating pinault

Who Salma Hayek dated; list of Salma Hayek boyfriends, loves, ex boyfriends and breakup rumors.Fans will also enjoy the sexiest photos of Salma Hayek and bikini pics of Salma Hayek. Take a look at this list and you'll learn that answer along with who her current husband is.Hayek’s ex-boyfriend Edward Norton, Lucy Liu, Ashley Judd, Antonio Banderas, Anna Wintour, Gael García Bernal, Diego Luna, Bono and Stella Mc Cartney. in July 2011, François-Henri Pinault, husband of Salma Hayek was named in a “” case (Ouch! Reports had shown that Pinault is the father of the son of Linda Evangelista (who has been a supermodel) born earlier in October 2006.Pinault denied allegations but later on reached a settlement with Linda Evangelista. In 2004, Hayek became the spokeswoman for makeup and fragrance lines of AVON.“I was in a very foreign, exotic country,” Hayek begins, where only one male masseuse was available.

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Playing a masseuse in the film, Hayek recently shared a story of a recent “massage from Hell” she recieved while sitting down with Chelsea Handler on her Netflix talk show.

Witness Salma Hayek in all her topless glory below.

Salma Hayek has been an accomplished gymnast due to her aspirations of becoming an Olympic competitor.

Salma Hayek Height | Salma Hayek Age | Salma Hayek Boyfriend | Salma Hayek Family | Salma Hayek Professional Career Academy of the Sacred Heart in Louisiana; Universidad Iberoamericana Ciudad de México (one of the most happening esteemed universities in Mexico and Latin America), Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment (an American spiritual sect near Washington) Point to note – Salma Hayek has been raised in a wealthy Roman Catholic family. Money was never a criterion, but a benchmark for Salma Hayek and her family. The starry-eyed couple got married on Valentine’s Day (i.e.12th February) 2009 in Paris.

On April 25, the same year, they had a second ceremony held in Venice, Italy. Penélope Cruz, Charlize Theron, French president Jacques Chirac, Javier Bardem, Stuart Townsend’, Woody Harrelson, S.

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